Tuesday April 10th, 2018 New York City- Capture One Basic




Tuesday, April 10th  2018

Time: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm        Location: Harwin Camera

224  West 35th, Suite 808

New York City    $99



Douglas graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with an AAS and Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Photography. After working as a photographer’s assistant and retoucher for a number of years he made the transition to digital technician.  While both assisting and digital teaching he worked at the International Center of Photography as a lab assistant and Fashion Institute of Technology as a photo technician.  At the Fashion Institute of Technology Douglas taught professors and students to be more proficient in the digital workflow.  More recently he has worked with videographers as an AC, focus puller, Gaffer and G&E.

Hop on the Capture One Local Train and Learn About All the Stops on the Journey!

Capture One version 11 is now available with enhanced power, precision and quality. We will include these new features in our class so you understand the latest improvements*.

For more than a decade Capture One  software has been the preferred choice of professional and enthusiast photographers to provide the tools to realize the ultimate image quality in their photography.

The latest Capture One 11 version is a powerful software that can help you to capture, organize, compare, select, process and print your images. It can be a bit intimidating and confusing at first…and for that reason we have created this Capture One "Basics" class. We want to help you understand the many functions and feel confident in the most efficient ways to work with your images in Capture One.

This affordable half-day course is jam packed with tips, tricks and shortcuts to bring your workflow to the next level; you will process your images faster and with more confidence.

Capture Your Vision

Choose Capture One 11 to capture your vision with minimum fuss and maximum effectiveness. Each of the more than 400 cameras supported in Capture One 11 goes through a rigorous testing and profiling process to ensure the best out-of-the-box results based on the camera's characteristics in various shooting conditions.

Simply import your RAW files from camera, memory cards and storage devices or shoot directly into Capture One with no need for external plug-ins or modules.

Employ the world’s most advanced tethered capture solution and view your images instantly in close-up detail to ease image selections and adjustment choices. Operate and configure your camera remotely to speed up your workflow. Use Live View for supported Phase One, Sony, Nikon and Canon cameras to instantly perfect composition and focus.

Let your clients follow the shoot remotely and pick their favorite images with Capture Pilot for iOS and Web.

Control Your Assets

Capture One 11 supports you with powerful tools to organize, compare and select your images in a workflow that can be customized to best suit your needs – just choose the workflow that works best for you.

Choose an integrated digital asset management set-up with Catalogs to work independently of your files’ location, or use Sessions to organize your work into projects and work directly on your RAW files where they are located on your computer or storage drives.

Free Your Creativity

Capture One 11 provides professionals and enthusiasts alike with amazing tools to enhance and adjust their images. Work directly with the RAW file to ensure maximum quality and save time by sticking to one application for all your adjustments.

* New Features in Capture One Version 11 Include:

  • Three-phase sharpening tools
  • Output proofing
  • New default and intuitive workspace
  • Camera focus tool module for tethered cameras
  • Tangent panel: full integration
  • New filter option: search by orientation of images
  • Optimization of jpeg output for size/quality
  • Move folders in catalogs
  • Auto masking extended to any editable file type (including Xtrans)
  • Improved compressed RAW and Fuji support
  • Hardware acceleration – OpenCL is now enabled by default
  • Stripe reduction LCC for 100MP
  • Optimized LCC creation
  • Computer ID in license for activation management
  • Apple script – new properties (Mac only)



Microsoft® Windows®

Intel® i3 (or equivalent or better)

8 GB of RAM

10 GB of free hard disk space

Color calibrated monitor with 1280x800, 24-bit resolution at 96dpi screen ruling

Windows 7® SP1 64-bit, Windows 8® 64-bit, Windows 10® 64-bit (Version 1607)

Microsoft® .NET Framework version 4.6 (will be installed if not present)

A PDF reader is needed to read the Release Notes


Apple® Macintosh®

Intel® i3 (or equivalent or better)

8 GB of RAM

10 GB of free hard disk space

Calibrated color monitor with 1280x800, 24-bit resolution at 96dpi

Mac OS  10.11.6 or MacOS 10.12



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